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Smart Card at Redox

What can smart cards are used to do?

Smart card-enhanced systems are in use today throughout several key applications, including healthcare, banking, entertainment and transportation. To various degrees, all applications can benefit from the added features and security that smart cards provide.

Usage of Smart Cards in E I M S modules
Smart Identity Card

Smart cards can store benefits, pension payments and health insurance refunds in an e-purse and securely identifies cardholders when claiming benefits.

Library management

Smart Card and RFID Technology can be used for library circulation operations and theft detection systems. RFID-based systems move beyond security to become tracking systems that combine security with more efficient tracking of materials throughout the library, including easier and faster charge and discharge, inventorying, and materials handling.

Fees Payment

A Smart Card facilitates the faster an easier mode of payment at the Fees Counter, as the fee clerk can process the fee collection process very easily. Thus the users do not have to stand and wait in long queues for fee payment.

Staff and Student Time And Attendance

To access the above stated application, Student(s) / Employee(s) always has to show his card to the contact less reader to mark his attendance. The data of all the employees / Students who have shown there smart cards to the reader will be stored in the readers, which is then transferred to the computer attached for further processing and reporting. The reader records the date of punching of student(s) / employee(s), in and out time(s), overtime. The software also has the option for machine raw punching (in case the employee forgets to bring his card) and generate all kind of reports MIS reports.

Access Control Security System

Access control means restricting the entry of unauthorized person(s) or employee(s)/student(s) to a particular section of the organization. While implementing the access permission, we require to install an electromagnetic lock on the door(s) of the restricted area. The reader is connected to the electromagnetic lock, every time a person entering the area is supposed to show his card to the reader. If the person is permitted inside, the door will open automatically otherwise not and within milliseconds the information of the unauthorized person is flashed on any node/terminal attached therewith. People can be authorized and restricted for access permissions according to time and requirement. We call it ‘Masking’ which can be done for any number of employee(s) /student(s)/authorized person.

Restricting the prohibited area from visitors

If a magnetic lock is placed at the door of the restricted area. A person with a visitor pass is never permitted inside that area until unless escorted by an authorized person using a masked card. Once a person enters the area, for exit we can have optional methods:

Push Button of coming out

if in case you are not interested to monitor the out the person who has entered the area. Another reader coupled to the same lock, which will monitor the outgoing of the person who has entered the restricted area. This will enhance the security system and provides complete information when a person entered and left.

Monitoring employees department wise

Using the access permission we can monitor incoming and outgoing records of any employee/student. Every time an employee enters or leaves, he will have to present the card to the reader in order to operate the gate and those records are maintained simultaneously. This can help the company’s administration to increase the working potential of the backbone departments like “R&D”, labs etc. a person can authorize to enter only his/her own department.

Medical History

Smart cards can store medical treatment records, emergency information and health insurance status.

Electronic Purse

Electronic payment cards allow cardholders to avoid the hassle of finding correct change by loading value into an electronic purse (“e-purse”), which can to pay for small-value everyday purchases at shops, vending machines, transport ticket machines, parking meters, public payphones etc.

Campus Club Card

Smart cards are very popular with closed user groups (residents of a city, students and staff of a university, staff of a company, etc.), who can use multi-application cards to pay for or access everyday services e.g. cafeteria meals, drinks machines, library tickets, leisure center, stadium, amusement park entry, car parking, amusement park rides etc, differentiated according to individual circumstances and status.


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